Stilo Trophy DES Plus Car Racing Helmet

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The Trophy DES PLUS is a newly designed and updated version of the Trophy Plus helmet. This new version has a much stronger fiberglass/Kevlar composite cover and is now approved to Snell SA2015.

This helmet is equipped with Stilo's superior WRC intercom system, which includes: noise-damping ear muffs equipped with loudspeakers, magnetic-dynamic microphone for noise suppression, fully integrated intercom. Equipped with HANS posts as standard.
This helmet is painted in an orange, clearly visible colour and is mainly suitable for use on motorboats. It corresponds to the rally version, but is not equipped with factory HANS posts. Still equipped with the superior WRC intercom system, which includes: noise-reducing earmuffs equipped with loudspeakers, magnetic dynamic microphone for noise suppression, fully integrated intercom plug.

Other features include:

  • Microphone holder: Attached to the inside of the helmet, made of a special flexible tube that provides maximum stability and precise adjustment.
  • Integrated plug: The integrated plug is positioned away from the HANS® posts to facilitate the connection of the jack to the intercom.

  • Adjustable tip: The top can be raised and lowered so that the driver has a clear view even in sunlight. Optional folding visor available in high optical quality.

  • Ear protectors: Certified for use in circuitry, they ensure that the helmet is perfectly soundproof. The pressure on the head can be adjusted by exchanging the special foam padding between the ear muffs and the shell.

  • EPS cheek pads: Equipped with ear muffs and EPS (expandable polystyrene) cheek pads. The use of EPS cheek pads provides better protection against side impacts.

  • Three shell sizes: XS, S and M (small bowl), L and XL (large bowl), XXL (x-large bowl).

  • Snell SA2015 & FIA 8859-2015 Approved

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