1. What helmets does helmade sell?

    For our helmade motorsports range we are happy to work with Arai, Bell and Stilo helmets. Of course we can also offer you other motorsport helmet brands of your preference for any kind of motorsports. Our designs can be transferred onto any helmet shape, f.e. open face touring car or rallye helmets. In our motorbike and scooter category we’re offering the full range of high quality motorbike helmets from our product partners arai, Bell, Shoei, AGV, Bandit and our own brand helmade. We’re constantly widen our range across various categories. That’s why we are constantly looking for new partners and brands to work with, from all fields and sports. Based on your indovidual needs and preferences we are able to offer you almost any other brand. Just ask and we get back to you with an individual offer.

  2. Can I send you my own helmet to get it painted?

    The idea of helmade is based on bringing together the best possible products and adding a unique customization experience. The helmets in our range all have the latest features and safety norms to make sure you will get the best of what’s currently available outthere. Nevertheless if you already have a helmet and you like our designs, please reach out to service@helmade.com for an individual paintwork only offer or if you're interested in a Motorsports design check-out our Paintwork only Category. In general we can offer your a completely individual paintwork based on your wishes and ideas. We are more than happy to work on a helmet design from scratch fo you.

  3. Can I add personal logos or graphics to my helmade design?

    Yes, you can. If you want your team, sponsor or driver logo to be lacquered onto your helmet, just let us know. Also any personal photos or graphics as f.e. your starting number can be added to your helmade design. We are happy to work out a solution for the helmade base design of your choice. We are also offering the service of designing you a driver or team logo. Happy to discuss this opportunity with you in all details. Please reach out to service@helmade.com and we will find an individual solution for your helmet paintwork.

  4. Why does it take four weeks to get my helmet delivered?

    What makes a helmade product so different from other helmets you can buy, is the handmade process behind it. Each and every helmade product is hand painted. This process takes time. We want to make sure we do it right and you get delivered a true helmade experience.

  5. How can I make sure that I order my correct size?

    Finding your perfect fit is key when buying a helmet but it is not that complicated and, yes, it can easily be done from home. All our helmets have a very comfortable natural fit and our sizing table tells you your helmet size. Using a soft measuring tape, measure around the largest diameter around your head. Make sure you keep the tape above your ears and start approx. 2 cm above your eye browns. Take several measurements to make sure you got the largest measurement around your head.

    Find the correct size of your helmet in our fitting guide, including individual sizing tables, in our helmade configurator. If you're not sure about your correct  size, we're more than happy to assist you based on all our experiences. Just reach out to us via service@helmade.com.

  6. Who is doing the paint job?

    What makes a helmade product so different from other helmets you can buy, is the handmade process behind it. Each and every helmade product is hand painted. Painting a helmet requires a high qualitative product and unique handcrafting skills. helmade stands for custom helmet design and true passion for handmade quality.

    Our helmade Office and Production space is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. There you can find our design studio and our main painting facilities. That's where the magic happens and where we think about the future of helmet design. In addition to our own production we partner-up with a fine selection of helmet designers from various countries, to collaborate on new designs and to bring to life the best possible quality of helmet painting.

    You can be sure that the people touching your helmade product are all true experts for painting helmets, from disassembling the helmet to a perfect finish.

  7. What lacquers do you use and can I ask for a special color code?

    We only use high quality lacquers for our paintings which we’ve thoroughly selected to reach the best possible result. For our neon and effect colors we trust on the products from HOUSE OF KOLOR®. And yes, it is possible to get your helmet painted based on a special color code, for example to get a helmet design in your bike colors. This is possible for almost all existing bike colors, as BMW, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Yamaha, Honda and many more. Just let us know your wished color and we check the availability for you.

  8. Is it allowed to paint motorbike helmets?

    Yes, it is. All helmets in our range and most of the helmets out there can be painted. Nevertheless there are several things to consider before painting a helmet. The most important one is safety. Safety goes beyond any style aspect. One of the reasons why helmade exists is to make professional helmet design more accessible to the many people. We are about helmets and all involved processes. We're not painting a helmet from time to time between doing other paintjobs. Additionally we're close partners of all major helmet brands and get exposed to product insights and technical specifics. To check if your existing helmet can be customized by us, please contact us and we'll get back with an answer.

  9. Can I return a customized helmade product?

    As your customized helmet is individually produced for you by order, it’s not possible to simply return your product. Of course we trust in our work and the handmade quality in all we do, so if you will ever be not satisfied with your helmade product, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to make you a happy helmade customer. That's our job. For all non-customized products you have the right to return within 14 days without giving any reason.

  10. How can I clean my helmade product?

    Warm, soapy water is an ideal way to clean your helmet's exterior and visor, too. By using a soft, non-abrasive towel or rag you can carefully remove dirt, and a soft brush or Q-tip to remove any insects that stuck into a vent. Have in mind that a thorough drying, which can take up to three days in a well-ventilated area, is key. Don't use heat. Dry your helmet after a hot and sweaty day. Worst thing you can do is pulling a lid off your sweaty head and putting it in a dark, damp storage. For helmets with a glossy finish use a qualitative helmet polish to clean the lacquering and make your helmet shine like the sun again.

  11. Is it possible to order helmade.com vouchers?

    Yes, it is. We are offering vouchers with different values which can be combined to one individual amount or of course ordered separately. Are you interested in a very personal gift? Then you can find our helmade.com Vouchers here.

  12. Do I find helmade on Social?

    Yes, it would be cool to get your support on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest.and/or Tiwitter.