Handmade Quality

Each and every helmade product is handmade. Painting a helmet requires a high qualitative product and unique handcrafting skills. We are working with a carefully selected base of production partners who are all obsessed about the handmade process of customizing a helmet.

Including one of the best helmet designers in motorsports, Paul Seliger from Five Star Designs Germany. Paul and his team has great expertise in custom helmet designs and paintworks for professional four-wheels motorsports athletes from various race series around the world. Additionally we're working with the spanish helmet design artist Miki Vinola from MK Art Productions Barcelona. Miki is one of the top helmet designers in two-wheels racing. He designs and paints many helmets for motorbike racers from MotoGP to TT Racing. He is an incredible creative mind combined with one of a kind handcrafting skills. For us, Miki is a huge win. With him we have a real expert with many years of experience in painting motorbike helmets of various helmet brands in our team.

A big part of the helmade process is the preparation phase which sets the base for a perfect painting of your individual product. After carefully sanding back the helmet surface and every nook and corner, all design elements of your helmade design are masked by hand, accurate to a millimeter. This is where some magic happens.

Each color is lacquered separately. In between painting the different color layers, each lacquer requires a perfectly timed drying time. We only use quality lacquers for our paintings which we’ve thoroughly selected to reach the best possible result. Painting gradients and effects need experience and time. We put in all our passion when hand-painting your helmade product.

A special moment is the final ‚unwrapping’. Carefully all tapes have to be pulled down, without damaging the lacquering. Before our products get a high quality glossy or matte finish, your signature is painted onto the helmet.

Handmade quality. Made for you.