Stilo ST5R Zero 8860 Rally Car Racing Helmet

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Based on the new generation of Stilo's ST5 design, the Stilo ST5R Carbon Rally Helmet offers maximum safety standards with a very individual look. Manufactured from carbon fiber and fitted with a WRC intercom system. Dramatically lightweight, the ST5 range of helmets feature the smallest shell sizes in their class. Improved ventilation and interior provide the ST5 range with unparalleled comfort.

This 'Zero' version is constructed from high tensile autoclaved carbon fibre for exceptional strength and ultra light weight. These properties allow this helmet to surpass the highest FIA 8860-2018 safety standard with unparalleled levels of impact and puncture resistance. Ideal for use in in professional racing, the helmet is supplied as standard with full visor which features a symmetrical locking system for the best securing at high speeds.

  • ultra-lightweight, extremly strong special carbon helmet shell

  • integrated plugs, no more hanging cables and possible breakages

  • the whole electronics package is integrated into the helmet as well as the plug connecting to the intercom

  • the plug is on the right hand side of the helmet.

  • adjustable Microphone: magnetic-dynamic noise-cancelling microphone, supplied with spacers to move the microphone position closer to the driver’s mouth

  • adjustable peak specifically designed to shade from the sun

  • Drinks System Connection Plug: built in to the helmet on the left hand side is the optional drinks system port

  • HANS system including HANS clips

  • FIA 8860-2018 safety norm



Delivery Time: 2-5 weeks

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