helmade x Triumph Brooklyn Bell Bullitt Curvone Motorbike Helmet

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Bell Bullitt

A Modern Classic

Inspired by the very first Bell Star helmet, the Bell Bullitt is a modern take of the first Bell full face helmet on this planet. Featuring an exceptional fit and ultra-high quality details, the Bullitt is the perfect helmet for riders searching for a vintage look with full-face protection. ECE 22.05. & DOT norm.

Bell Bullitt

Feel Your Ride

The Bell Bullitt has an extra wide eye port which makes you feel the ride and everything around you. On top it supports you with the perfect overview of the street and lets you keep your head up all the time.

Bell Bullitt

Bulls Eye Special

The central design element of the Bullitt is the remarkable bulls eye which is the visor fixing point of the helmet. helmade offers a variety of different visors for this unique visor system. Flat visors and special Bubble visors which definitely make a difference.

helmade x Triumph Brooklyn

Design your very own Triumph helmet

At Triumph Brooklyn, customers are able to be fitted for a helmet and then embark on their design journey, choosing from a wide selection of exclusive designs as well as a custom color palette to match their new Triumph motorcycle. Once this one-of-a-kind design is complete, it is transmitted to helmade, and production team will take care of putting in all our passion to create a unique helmet based on customers exact specifications and then shipped back to the store for pick-up 6 weeks later.

Riding a motorcycle in New York City takes a certain kind of crazy.

Bryan Grimes, Triumph Brooklyn
helmade goes New York City

Stand out from the crowd

Born out of a shared passion for self expression and individuality Triumph Brooklyn and helmade have teamed up to offer the world's first in-store bespoke motorcycle helmet experience. Located in Williamsburg, Triumph Brooklyn opened shop in June of 2018 as NYC's one and only Triumph Motorcycle dealership. Riding a motorcycle in New York City takes a certain kind of crazy.

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