helmade Grand Prix ONE Petite Open Face Helmet

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incl. 19% VAT & shipping (EU) 4 weeks delivery time Design transferable onto other helmets
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incl. 19% VAT & shipping (EU) 4 weeks delivery time Design transferable onto other helmets


helmade Grand Prix ONE

Totally Classic

The helmade Grand Prix ONE in an homage to the times, when racing was true and real. Inspired by old formula one and motorcycle road races we created a helmet that tries to bring back the freedom and style of this remarkable era.

helmade Grand Prix ONE

Safety & Comfort

Our aim was to make a comfortable and stylish retro helmet for all the fans of classic motorcycles and cars. Even though it doesn´t match ECE standards, which is because of it´s retro shell shape, we did our best to make it as safe and reliable as possible.

helmade Grand Prix ONE

More Features

  • High-qualitative fiberglass shell
  • Custom-quilted linerhelmet out of textile and leather
  • Padded chin strap with snap closure
  • No ECE or DOT safety norm

helmade Designer

Dennis Johann Müller

We are proud of our collaboration with product designer Dennis Johann Müller who currently designs products for the German brand BRAUN. To develop helmet designs with Dennis was a entirely new experience and an exciting challenge. The inspiration behind our first collaboration was the life in the cities of this world and the micro-moments on the streets, when people try to express their very own style. With Dennis Johann Müller we’ve made our first step into the area of fashion and lifestyle.

Entering the world of helmet design

helmade Helmets

Beside partnering up with the world’s leading helmet brands, we felt we need to come up with our own helmets which are all offering you a good quality and are meant to be entry level products into the world of helmet design. For now we’re offering the helmade ONE and helmade TWO open face helmets which both have a comfortable fit and are fulfilling the latest ECE safety norms. We’ve landed on these products cause they are a very good base to add a high qualitative paintwork.

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handcrafted for you

Each and every helmade product is handmade. Customizing a helmet requires a high qualitative product and unique handcrafting skills.
A big part of the helmade process is the preparation phase which sets the base for a perfect painting of your individual product.
All design elements of your helmade design are masked by hand, accurate to a millimeter. This is where some magic happens.
Each color is lacquered separately. In between painting the different color layers, each lacquer requires a perfectly timed drying time.
We only use quality lacquers for our paintings which we’ve thoroughly selected to reach the best possible result.
Painting gradients and effects need experience and time. We put in all our passion when handpainting your helmade product.
A special moment is the final ‚unwrapping’. Carefully all tapes have to be pulled down, without damaging the lacquering.
Handmade quality. Made for you.