helmade Arai SK-6 Walker Karting Helmet

Model arai_sk6

incl. 19% VAT & shipping (EU) 5 weeks delivery time Design transferable onto other helmets - Paintwork only
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incl. 19% VAT & shipping (EU) 5 weeks delivery time Design transferable onto other helmets - Paintwork only


Arai SK-6

Karting Helmet

The SK-6 is designed based on the unique demands of karting. It uses the same, highly developed and immensely strong shell as the GP-6S race helmet with CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) for light weight combined with extremely high impact protection and a great comfort.

Arai SK-6

Safety & Comfort

The design of the SK-6 also features an immensely strong chin bar to guarantee a high level of safety. The durable, non-nomex lining in combination with extra large intake and exhaust holes, 2 in the front and 2 in the back (from 7,8 to 10mm), are specifically designed to satisfy the extreme demands of kart racing.

Arai SK-6

More Features

  • 3mm thick 2 dimensional visor (fixed with 4 special aluminum screws)
  • Dual intake holes (integrated in chin bar) for an optimized ventilation
  • Smaller Eye port (60mm)
  • Optimized screwing system for better aerodynamic
  • Multi-Density Hybrid Foam Core
  • SNELL K-2015 certification

helmade Designer

Miki Vinola

The one-of-a-kind helmet design artist joins team helmade from Barcelona Spain. Miki has studied design and made his dream come true to fully focus on helmet design. Before he was a ambitious motorcycle racer in Spain. Designing and painting helmets allowed Miki to reinvest in racing. Today he has created many helmet design for professional riders out of MotoGP, TT Racing and many other motorcycle race series. His expressive design range is extremely wide and he has the creative ability to mix different styles, always inspired by the world of two-wheels racing.

I made my dream come true, working on helmet design.

Miki Vinola
Making better helmets

Arai Motorsports

The Japanese helmet manufacturer has a very own philosophy when it comes to how to develop and produce their helmets. Above all they are focussing on the ability to protect the driver. Beside highly efficient impact absorption, Arai helmets have an optimized shell names R75. It’s rounder, smoother and stronger to ensure the best possible glancing off in case of an accident. Arai helmets are used in many professional race series including Formula 1 where Arai gathers insights from drivers as Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen, Daniil Kvyat and Lance Stroll.

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handcrafted for you

Each and every helmade product is handmade. Customizing a helmet requires a high qualitative product and unique handcrafting skills.
A big part of the helmade process is the preparation phase which sets the base for a perfect painting of your individual product.
All design elements of your helmade design are masked by hand, accurate to a millimeter. This is where some magic happens.
Each color is lacquered separately. In between painting the different color layers, each lacquer requires a perfectly timed drying time.
We only use quality lacquers for our paintings which we’ve thoroughly selected to reach the best possible result.
Painting gradients and effects need experience and time. We put in all our passion when hand-painting your helmade product.
A special moment is the final ‚unwrapping’. Carefully all tapes have to be pulled down, without damaging the lacquering.
Before our products get a glossy or matte finishing, your signature is painted on each side of the helmet.
Handmade quality. Made for you.