helmade Arai RX-7V Dragon Motorcyle Helmet

Model arai_rx7

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Arai RX-7V

Motorcycle Helmet

The Arai RX-7V integral motorcycle helmet features a completely new lightweight fiberglass helmet shell, the revolutionary VAS (“Variable Axis System”) visor system and a significant increased smoother area around the temples, the Arai RX-7V raises the bar in the premium helmet segment.

Arai RX-7V

Performance & Safety

From the also new anti-microbial material inner liner with an even slimmer frame, to the new ducts, improved diffuser and the integrated air channels, every part shows the attention to detail that is typical Arai. Arai has continually improved the glancing off performance by learning from real scenarios on and off the race track.

Arai RX-7V

More Features

  • lightweight, strong PB SNC2 Fiberglass outer shell
  • efficient and improved ventilation
  • new design improves noise reduction and water intrusion though the vents
  • pockets for speakers
  • weight: approx. 1500g / 3.31lbs
  • ECE 22.05, Snell M2015 & DOT norm

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