helmade x Vengine - Custom helmet matching custom bike

Custom Helmet Design meets Custom Bike Building


With a special highlight we were able to showcase what we do at Glemseck 101 during the first weekend in September. Together with Custom V-Engine Builder Vengine from Berlin we’ve created the perfect combination of helmet and custom bike. Vistors were able to see bike, a customized Ducati 999 S, which will only be driven on race tracks, and a custom Bell Bullitt, at our helmade booth at Glemseck 101.


The design is a consequent continuation of the latest Vengine Custom Bike Designs. Different coloured and different sized triangles were added, sometimes overlapping, to the bike and helmet shape. Vengine, named Adrian Majewski, works with building custom V-Engine bikes in his hometown Berlin and is known for his style within the custom bike scene. Adrian about the collaboration: ‘As often nowadays we’ve met via Instagram. I immediately felt in love with the straightforward and clear design of helmade. It did not took us too long to land on an idea to collaborate. To bring something to life already at Glemseck is incredible. The only reason why this was possible was the passion for what we do, on both sides. And a couple of nightshifts in preparation for the event.‘


To bring this helmet design to life all single design elements were hand-painted in several layers to make it one smooth painted surface. Christian Möhring about the painting process: ‘All our designs are handmade. Starting point for all we do is a very good product knowledge which we have meanwhile built partnering up with helmet manufacturers. A helmet has to be customizable and you got to know exactly how to work with all safety related aspects of a helmet. For that reason we are fully focussed on customizing helmets. We are super happy to work with Vengine and to put together what should be together, custom helmet design and custom bikes.’


There are already first ideas to continue the partnership with Vengine. Robin Metz from our team can already envision it: ‚Perhaps next year the bike won’t show up only at our booth. To compete in a sprint race would be for us and Vengine an amazing highlight coming.